About LeRoy, MN

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Our history

Welcome to the City of LeRoy! Old Town LeRoy was settled in 1850 and was located on Lake Louise through which the Upper Iowa River flows. The community began to grow and prosper. Henry Edmonds was the first to open a store in the original village. He is also attributed with opening his home to the first religious services.

Later, after the arrival of the railroads the McGregor & Western railway company laid out a new town site in the midst of one of the finest farms in the state. The town picked up and moved. Education was important to the original settlers. The original school building was a house belonging to Charles McNeil and it operated in 1870 as School District No. 79. Later District 79 closed and became consolidated with the Le Roy School district and a new school building was erected in the new town.

The new town grew, structures such as schools, hotels, bakeries and all the businesses that make a town come to life began to appear. The railroad brought prosperity and eternal hope.

Today, LeRoy is a viable community of just under 1,000 population located north of the Minnesota-Iowa border 40 miles south of Rochester and 30 miles southeast of Austin. State Highway 56 goes through downtown LeRoy and the other Prairie Visions towns of Taopi, Adams, and Rose Creek to Interstate 90 northwest 26 miles. It is seven miles west to U.S. 63, a widely-traveled route connecting northeast Iowa with southeast Minnesota.

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Our businesses & Facilities

The city has an active business district, including two banks, bowling alley, restaurants, a lively weekly newspaper, the Mower County Independent, and an innovative school district.

LeRoy has a modern, up-to-date public library in a historic Carnegie-type building. It is one of two buildings in the community on the National Historic Register. The other is the First State Bank in the downtown area.

The city is served by an elected Mayor, four elected council members and a full-time City Clerk. The city also has an active Economic Development Authority and two full-time city maintenance employees.

LeRoy contracts police protection through the Mower County Sheriff's Department. The town has LeRoy Emergency Services including a Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Service complete with trained Emergency Medical Technicians.