Special Council Minutes, April 12, 2023

Posted: April 12, 2023

City of LeRoy MN – Special Council Meeting Minutes, April 12, 2023

A special meeting of the LeRoy City Council was called to order by Mayor Ed Koppen at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at the LeRoy Community Center with the following members present: Mayor Ed Koppen, Council Members Harold Shipman, Brian Thiel, Gerald Payne, and City Clerk Patty White.  Council Member Ashley Huntley was absent.

Mayor Koppen read the due call for this special meeting, “The City Council of the City of LeRoy will meet in special session on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 10:00 AM at the LeRoy Community Center.  The purpose of this special meeting is to discuss funding for roof/shingle replacement at Wildwood Grove.”

Thiel posed some questions pertaining to how wide the new flashing will be; it was suggested replacing the flashing at a wider width to help alleviate future problems.  It was noted than any repairs to the roof will be done according to building code.

Koppen questioned if the council was in agreement to proceed with this project.  He questioned where the funds should come from.  He also questioned if this would be done as an outright transfer to WWG or as a loan to WWG.  The council concurred to have this done as an outright transfer of funds.  White updated council on funds that have been placed in an infrastructure outlay account in the city investment fund.  These funds would be available for this project.

Motion by Shipman to approve funding in the amount of $156,000 plus any added expense due to roof damage repair and to allocate funds from the infrastructure outlay account for this.  Second by Thiel.  On a roll call of votes, all members voted aye.  The motion carried 4-0.

Being no further business to come before this special meeting, the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Payne, second by Shipman at 10:11 AM.

– Edwin N. Koppen, Mayor

– Patty A. White, City Clerk-Treasurer